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AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Mechanical Parts & Fabrication Service Filter supplier

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AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology
Co., Ltd. (AEET) is a hi-tech company held by Advanced Technology &
materials Co., Ltd., a listed company in China, under control of China Iron
& Steel Research Institute Group (a state-owned company since 1952).
Now AEET focus on three business segments,
including Industrial Filtration & Purification, Clean Energy Engineering
and Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing, and our filtration business focus on
R&D and manufacturing of advanced porous materials and components,
developing filtration/separation/concentration and coalescence technologies in
gas-liquid-solid three phase, as well as designing and producing its integrated
With 60 years’ R&D and industrialization,
AEET now is one of the leading companies in industrial filtration field in
China., and our clients includes RIL, KOWEPO, PLUG POWER, PETRO CHINA, SINOPEC,
SNOOC, etc... Since 2012 our metal filters have also replaced imported... [Details]